The two things you need to know to order without sales tax

Thu, 08/06/2020 - 12:50 By Dave Brooks

Ordering via credit card without sales tax or VAT

You probably noticed the world is changing, and on top of that, it's harder to order online without paying sales tax. 

If you are a tax-exempt organization, we can help you!

First option, if you haven't ordered yet

This is the "plan ahead" option. Here is what you need to do:

  • contact our sales team and have your credit card information ready
  • we will process a non-taxed order by hand

When I wrote "plan ahead" I thought to myself, if my parents could see me now ...

Second option, if you have already ordered

First, take a look at the email you received after you ordered. You will need:

  1. order ID
  2. order date
  3. total amount

A. Get the reference information you'll need

Note that I've highlighted these items to help you find them in your email:

Order confirmation email from FastSpring

The order ID is next to the text "Order Reference" and the total amount is highlighted at the bottom right. 

The email date should work for the order date, but when in doubt, use the "View Invoice" link I've highlighted in the bottom left. The date appears in the top left corner.

Note that the date and time are UTC, which of course is Coordinated Universal Time as FastSpring, the store vendor, does business worldwide.

B: Fill in a W-9 for submission

Go to this IRS page and edit the PDF. It is a W-9 form. Fill in the information and print. You'll need to sign this document; I don't want to be the one to suggest that you do anything other than print, sign and scan. That's what I do, although I've used document signing systems. We just don't have one of those for you.

When you are finished, you should have a digital copy on disk. You'll need it shortly. 

C: Submit for a refund

Go to this website:

In the field for "categories for support inquiry" select "VAT/Sales Tax Questions" Here are the instructions for filling in their webform. Click on the "Contact Support" button to go to the webform.

At this point you'll be in the FastSpring support queue.