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RPM Remote Print Manager®

RPM Remote Print Manager®

RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM") is our print server and virtual printer product. RPM lets you choose how your print jobs are processed.

RPM Overview



ExcelliPrint® is our IPDS printer product. It generates PCL, prints on Windows printers, creates PDF, and more.

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INTELLIscribe® is our print client software. It attaches to one of your printer ports and sends the job to network printers, using broadcast, round-robin, fail-over, or balanced output.

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RPM solving printing problems

We designed RPM to solve a vast number of printing problems. Here are some current examples.

Multiple Trays

RPM can send your print-ready job to each tray on your printer. Ideal for printing multiple copies of sales records on colored stock.

How to set it up

Another setup example

Video tutorial

Print & PDF

RPM can render many print job formats in PDF, and at the same time, send them to the printer of your choice.

Creating PDFs

Scaled print

RPM provides tools to specify your font, margins, lines per page, or lines per inch. Then select your paper size in the Windows printer setup. After that, RPM takes care of the rest.

Windows print setup

Paperless print

RPM can convert several formats to PDF, including PCL for HP printers, text formats, SCS, etc. Once you have the PDF result, RPM can archive it to a folder, send it via email, or upload it using FTP.

Top tasks: Creating PDFs

Run a program

RPM can run a program using your print job as input. Many customers use this with Adobe or GhostScript. In addition, one of our integration partners has a custom application that adds the print job data to a database.

How to setup

Using GhostScript


Many auto dealerships here in the US use RPM to print a document, and at the same time, add it to a document management system such as DocuWare.
RPM's ability to emulate a JetDirect printer is vital in many of these environments.

Integration with ADC

Data extraction

RPM features data extraction, where you can extract text values from your print job and use them in processing. For instance, you might pull a destination email address or a document name.

Data extraction

Dynamic job routing



RPM came online around the time the AS/400 and other IBM systems were getting TCP/IP printing, so we "grew up together" in a sense. RPM features a lot of built-in AS/400 support.

Working with the AS/400

Five ways to convert AS/400 files to PDF



RPM can add a graphic watermark to text print and PDFs. In addition, we have an extensive menu of page selection and placement available.

Top tasks: Watermarks

Getting started

  1. Download using the "download" menu or the green button on the right
  2. Run the installer; it does nearly everything for you
  3. Go to Support / Videos and check out the "Quick Start Guide."
  4. Contact us for assistance