Queue Folders and Locked Files / RPM Release

File securely lockedThis post provides the background story concerning the RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM") release of version, November 27, 2019.

Queue Folders the locked files

A customer reached out to us for help with a problem. They had a locked file in the folder which Queue Folders was monitoring. The file in question was a database, and it remained open and locked while RPM was running. Other files in the folder were eligible to be imported into RPM.

Queue Folders is the folder watcher we designed to work with RPM queues.

The symptoms the customer reported was that RPM never stopped trying to open the locked file, and so ignored the other files in that folder. Usually, it would have kept up with new files without difficulty.

We updated the logic in RPM to be more lenient about expecting files to be readily available. RPM attempts an exclusive open, as a precursor to getting the username. If this fails, RPM no longer retries frequently but puts the file on a "to be reconsidered later" queue.

Message log options

We added command-line switches to the RPM user interface to export the message log to a file, and to purge the message log.

This way, your system admin can automate pulling a copy of the message log from a batch script to be run at night or any other time your system is not busy with print jobs.

You can get a listing of the command-line arguments by typing:

rpmguic --help

in a command prompt window. You need to do this in the RPM install folder, of course. This release refers to the --export and --purge-log arguments.

Other user interface updates

In the licensing info, if the user entered all digits for the company name, the user interface could no longer display the license status in "About RPM." While unexpected, this should not halt progress, and we fixed it.