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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Installation, upgrades, manuals

  • Instructions for installing and upgrading our products, and PDF manuals

System setups

  • Configuration for customer systems

Firewall support

Technical support

  • How to get pre-sales and product support

"RPM is not working"

  • We have put together a troubleshooting guide for those situations where RPM does not seem to be doing "anything"

License FAQ

  • A compilation of customer questions and support issues on product licensing

Migrate RPM

  • This is the step by step instructions you need to migrate your RPM settings and license from the old server to a new server

Database maintenance

  • It might seem intimidating but you'll be pretty close to expert using this guide

Access to license status

  • We have made it easier to track down your license information to save time when you contact our technicians for support

Remote Assistance

  • A Brooks technician should be guiding you here on your phone call in progress.