Verifying a connection between the AS/400 and RPM

Tue, 06/25/2019 - 09:01 By Dave Brooks

Q: I have configured a new OUTQ on my AS/400 to print data through RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM") and for some reason, print jobs go into a SND or HLD state and do not print. No new messages appear in the RPM log file.

A: To make a TCP/IP connection to RPM, the TELNET command may be used. To verify a connection, perform the following telnet test.

  1. At the AS/400 command prompt, type TELNET and press F4
  2. In the Start TCP/IP TELNET (TELNET) screen, press F9 to view "all parameters."
  3. In the Remote System field, type *INTNETADR. Enter the IP address of the RPM host in the Internet Address field.
  4. Locate the Port parameter and enter 515, then press Enter.

If RPM is configured to relax the 'port in range' requirement, this will input-inhibit the session if a connection is made. Close RPM (Windows 9x) or restart the RPM service (RPM Elite/Select) to release the AS/400 session. Then restart RPM and check the RPM log for new message.

If RPM is not configured this way, a new message should be displayed in the RPM log stating:
Client port xxxx out of range

Although this message is a warning, it verifies that a connection was made to RPM at port 515.