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FireBird SQL Database

Can the Firebird database system associated with RPM be upgraded to a later version? or is there a new version of RPM that installs a later version of Firebird?

Our systems show there is a security vulnerability.  I think it is showing we are on version 2.5.2 of Firebird and RPM version RPM Remote Print Manager Elite x64​.

Can't restart service

RPM had stop printing out job so we restarted the RPM service but are getting the following.

Error starting - 2017-06-28 11:04:30.830
[ ***  RPM Service failed to start *** ]
[ Note: module name and message follow ]
Module: MsgQMgr
Message: boost::interprocess_exception::library_error

We have intermittent problems of job getting stuck in Active or RCVD and nothing printing out, the solution has been to restart the service, this is the first time we get stuck here.

Drive space warning when pointed to a Citrix NetScaler VIP

When sending print jobs to file share on Citrix NetScaler Load Balanced servers we get 420 Warning Drive Space warning.  None of the servers in the load balance are low on space.  How can we suppress this behaviour?  Is there a port that needs to be opened so that RPMElite can check for disk space?

RPM Select X64 Version (unable to add page separator settings)

Dear  Sir / Ma'am


I am using above mentioned RPM Version and i added a Epson LQ-2180 printer on windows-7 64 Bit and same that printer i shared on SCO Openserver (UNIX), now problem is that when a user send a print job printer do perform the job but it does not eject the page when second user send the job means Second user's Job starting location is from first user's ending location,

Suggested Splunk forwarder settings for Brooks RPM Elite 6.1

1) For  version 6.1 we plan to ship the following to Splunk:

Windows Event logs

C:\Program Files\Brooks Internet Software\RPM\Events*.csv

C:\Program Files\Brooks Internet Software\RPM\license.csv

C:\Program Files\Brooks Internet Software\RPM\rpmsrv*.log

C:\Program Files\Brooks Internet Software\RPM\report.txt

2) ports.txt is still available in RPM Elite 6.1

Having issue with 2nd and 3rd pages.



We printing letters generated from a a piece of black box software.  I have the jobs split onto separate printers which share the same physical device..  The first page  goes to letterhead and the following pages go to plain paper in another cassette.  This works great when printing 2 page letters.  When printing 3 page letters the 2nd and 3rd pages come out on the same page, with 100% overlap.  I tried doing a RAW print and the pages come out in reverse order but otherwise fine.  Since a large group prints very similar letters to this printer, it is causing issues.