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INTELLIscribe® Technical Support

Video Requests

We are always excited to offer useful and applicable resources to our customers, and video content is something that we have wanted to introduce for some time. We plan to provide instructional videos on various topics, but we would also love to hear about an specific topics that you would like to see discussed in depth and demonstrated through one of these videos.

Please check to see if someone else has requested the same video topic, and reply to their post if you would also like to see that video content.

Unable to create printer, assign virtual port

I am attempting to create a windows printer and assign the virtual printer port that was created by Intelliscribe.  This is a Windows 10 machine and it immediately comes up with error "Unable to install printer" Double check the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network.  Has anyone experienced this error?

Missing pages when sent to printer

We are using load balancing with HP M605 printers, printing legal check stock.  Randomly, the jobs will print missing the last few pages, when we reprint from Intelliscribe, the job will print the whole job including the last pages.  It has happened with both small and large print jobs, large being over 25 pages.  I have though of increasing the time out on the Intelliscribe settings but thought I would try my luck here first.  



James Maynard