International ordering

If you order online

  • this is probably the fastest option for you
  • our international payment processor offers a variety of payment options based on your locality
  • you will receive information straight away from us on how to activate your software licenses

If you order on account

  1. our invoicing and purchase order processes are very conventional; we work like most US-based businesses
  2. on the other hand, we've been working with international clients since our first week in business in 1995, so chances are we have done already what you may need us to
  3. we still require Net 30 on payments
  4. we will not release the license activation codes until the account is paid in full

You can order on account as described on the purchase order page.

If you pay by wire transfer please note the wire transfer fee explained in the payment and terms page

Last updated by Dave Brooks 23 December 2020