Software Upgrade & Maintenance

Our Software Upgrade & Maintenance (SUM) program entitles you to:

  1. Phone and email technical support
  2. Product updates and upgrades
  3. License reactivation and transfers to new hardware.

Purchase price

One year of SUM is bundled in with the license purchase price.

Annual renewal

We charge annually for SUM and attempt to notify you approximately one month before your SUM expires. However, if you require a formal price quote, please let us know.  The current rate for SUM is 18% of the current product price. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales team for a formal price quote.

Product Conversions

If you convert a license, for instance, RPM Select to RPM Elite, we determine the new SUM cost from the base cost of the Elite license, not the original Select license. This is because the original product, RPM Select, in this case, can no longer be used. For any upgrade, we base the SUM on the licenses you have, for which you are purchasing SUM.

ExcelliPrint Printers

In the case of ExcelliPrint, we calculate SUM based on the total licenses for a given installation (on a CPU). Therefore, when you purchase an ExcelliPrint license with additional printers, the SUM price will be determined by totaling the software license cost plus the number of additional printer licenses.

We do not split out the printer licenses from the ExcelliPrint software license for calculating SUM.


If you have multiple licenses, you can ask us to consolidate the support period for those licenses.  It benefits all involved parties by reducing the number of email SUM notifications, simplifying your budget, and decreasing time spent on the purchase process. In addition, we prorate the SUM for your licenses, so they expire on the same day.  We also simplify the activation process. The result will be a single order number and auth code for all of your licenses.

Discounts & Special Pricing

We offer special pricing for government and educational organizations.  You may be required to provide proof in documentation when requesting special pricing.  Volume discounts are also available when purchasing multiple licenses.  Please get in touch with our sales team for more information.